Smart Timing – Intraday Timing for Traders

Day trading using time cycles is the most profitable way to trade!

Don’t waste hours in front of a screen waiting for a trade to set up.
Knowing when you’ll be trading is very efficient. It frees up your time to do other things and allows you to use your time wisely.
You can quickly calculate, hours, even days in advance the next trade points so that you can trade from work or with your smart phone if you are on the move.

  • It’s fast to calculate.
  • It isn’t calculated from obvious high low points or based on price values.
  • There is no Astro or Fibonacci.

The core idea behind Smart Timing is that if you have a fairly good idea when a cycle is due you can focus your time into that area and give it your full attention based on your trading style. Another benefit is that this type of trading lends itself well to automation.

It’s simple enough using the most basic of programming to open trades based around the time when trades are due and then have them auto trade through to completion or manually exit.

For obvious reasons, I can’t show you the exact method here but I can show you examples from the book.
Every single cycle that you see on these charts is explained in the book in great detail which should give you a good idea of the potential frequency of trades if you wanted that many.
Using a 4 hour time-frame gives fewer trades than a 15 minute chart and so the timing can be incorporated into just about any day traders style.

GBP JPY 30 minute (click to enlarge)

Euro 15 minute 1 (click to enlarge)

Euro 15 minute 2 (click to enlarge)

There are thousands of trading systems but very few are based around TIME.

Smart Timing is a behavioural pattern based on time. No extra charting tools are necessary.

You only use a price chart of the time frame that you are trading.

i.e. 5 minutes up to 4 hour charts.

  • This course is 100% self-contained.
  • You don’t need any specialist knowledge.
  • You don’t need any extra software just use standard price charts.

*Soft cover – folio bound

Please Note : The book is heavily watermarked to prevent piracy.

Smart Timing Testimonials

thanks for your book! It’s such a masterpiece.

N S. (Portugal)

 I received the Smart Timing book since three days, from that time I am not able to stop read it, I read it 3-4 times up to this moment and I still feel that I would like to read it more, this book have very simple methods for intraday timing trading, really it is unfortunate not to have this book years ago, so I can do a lot of success trading at that time.

 Thanks Mr. Myles to publish like this information to public.

Good luck for every one have this book.

M M. (Middle East)

Thanks for the wonderful knowledge that you have given to me, its pure money, i have just bought my first family car from intraday timing method that you gifted to me. i have no words right now for it except Thanking you whole heartily.

I A. (India)

Just tried the method in Smart Timing . Gained 261 pips..

SR. U.K.

I received Smart Timing today :). Wow — another book packed with useful content! I love the simplicity in this one — simple is powerful. I will have a lot of fun learning and applying it and I’m sure it will lead to profits… no doubt it could be very useful when combined with some of your other methods as well. It looks like some of those patterns could apply well even on daily and higher time frames, but it’s great to have some intra-day tools!
Thanks very much!

MB. U.S.A.

Your new work is amazing. I’ve been experimenting with the signals with a small real account (token size).
It identifies ALL turns on 15, 30 minutes.
The first day, I did 7 trades, with 6 winners. I’m learning the nuances.
Overall trend and daily market sentiment are a key foundation,but the timing signals are great.
Thank you,

KT. Singapore

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