WD Gann’s Forecast 1929

WD Gann’s Forecast for 1929

1929, two years after Gann wrote “Tunnel Thru the Air” there are detailed forecasts including a market curve chart. In 1929 he was not trying to predict actual prices but more the relative amplitude.
Referring to “Projected Curve #1 and the main trend which the 30 Industrial Stocks should follow”
The first date of the year January 2 is set to price scale of zero with the first low of the year and March declining to a level of around -20. The subsequent highs were not expected to be much more than +8.
As you can see by the real Dow chart there was a large run up into the September 3 top.

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Gann was correct on the general market direction being down until late March.
His low date was for March 28-29th. The actual low day was the 27th.
The predicted high on May 29 to June 1 was an inversion of the cycle and was actually a low.
Again Gann did get the main pressure points in time.
As a reality based trader this inversion would not have been a problem. Gann, or a person following the forecast could see that the market had been trending down into this date not up, while the polarity had inverted he would buy based on the fact that it was a strong date.


See “Forecasting Key” Part2 page 29 “W.D. Ganns Law Of Vibration & Forecasting Key -How The Annual Forecasts Were Made-“