WD Gann’s Best Trading Systems

~Price & Time Targets For Winning Traders~

WD Gann’s Best Trading Systems

Every system works for both day traders or swing traders
Works on any international market

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Each system can be considered a complete stand alone trading method.
They can also be combined with one or more of the other systems in the course to create a complete market structure that encompasses every situation that a professional trader will encounter.

WD Gann’s Best Trading Systems includes:

Price and Time targets combined
How to buy lows and sell highs consistently
Quick cash flow trades that you can make every day
Gann style Trading Campaign
Price target method for any time frame, from the 5 minute chart to the monthly

Features the following systems:

How to buy Low – Sell High with small risk on any market
Swing or Day trading with price targets
Price Targets on any time frame
Cycle tables quick reference time cycles pre-calculated
Cycle tables combined with price targets
Market Mode – Trend identification
Pyramid effectively with small risk
The square of the high or low price for time targets (updated and improved version of WD Ganns original method)
Day traders profit take calculation for today’s markets.

WD Gann was a legendary 20th-century trader who very quickly became a multimillionaire trading stocks and commodities at a time when the average salary was $50 a month.

He was the master of the “Trend Trade” and made a fortune during his “Trading Campaigns” where he would trade to a target and add on positions during pullbacks.

He was also a master of the “Range Trade” where he made huge gains trading relatively quiet markets.

In other words, WD Gann had the right trading systems to trade bull, bear and sideways markets which gave him the uncanny ability to stay on the right side of the market.

I have organized the best Gann systems and modified them for today’s markets.

By taking out all the necessary add-ons I have distilled the process into a simple repeatable formula that is suitable for the beginning trader or the expert.

Euro Small Campaign (Click to enlarge)
WD Gann Trading Campaign – Create your own Gann Style campaign

New ways to use WD Gann’s Price and Time Squares

Square of the range
Square of the high/low
Learn the true trend and how to stay on the right side of the market

All of these systems work on any international market, whatever the market you are trading, be it stocks, commodities or forex, these systems are designed to win.

Over the last 18 months I have spent my spare time helping a diverse group of traders to improve their results. Doing this more personal style of teaching I’ve learnt:

All the information must be simple and presented clearly
It must be easy to follow
Results are faster by assuming that everyone has no previous experience
People learn quickly with plenty of charts and simple rules
Everyone is different and their requirements in a trading system are quite diverse


You may be trader who just wants to trade for a couple of hours after your day job as a way of getting started. This course has profitable systems that you can use now.

Perhaps you are interested in more longer term trading using 60 mins to 4 hour charts or you would like to run your own mini Gann campaign where you set the price target and don’t have the pressure to monitor your trades all the time, WD Gann’s Best Trading Systems has all this and more!

Note that these systems don’t contain WD Gann’s astrological methods but never the less are complete stand-alone systems that deliver everything a professional trader requires.

Also there is no special software required as the tools are already available in all trading platforms.

I have designed this course as a complete self-contained high quality way of teaching the very best trading systems of WD Gann to ensure your trading success!!

*Folio bound 162 pages.

Please Note : The book is heavily watermarked to prevent piracy.

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