The WD Gann Timing System

Pinpoint the very long term highs and lows in Stocks and Currencies

As part of The WD Gann Timing System course, I teach you how to pinpoint the very long term highs and lows in stocks and currencies.

These two charts from 2015 show just how powerful this method is.

The Euro Currency trade spanned two years of data. That’s over 500 trading days yet The WD Gann Timing System specified one day as the major low for 2015.

The WD Gann Timing System – Euro Currency(click to enlarge)

The S&P Stock Index trade was based on over one and a half years of trading data and indicated that this date would be a high and that the S&P would not go higher than this in 2015.

The WD Gann Timing System – S&P Stock Index(click to enlarge)

How The WD Gann Timing System works

The WD Gann Timing System works on individual stocks, currencies and commodities, not just the major markets.

The WD Gann Timing System pinpointed to within 2 days the absolute turning points for 2015 of the world’s biggest currency and stock markets.
Doing this by chance is impossible and proves the power of The WD Gann Timing System to time the big moves for maximum profit.

Both the Euro Currency and S&P target date were known nearly a year in advance. It was also known that the Euro would be a low for 2015 and that the S&P would go no higher in 2015.

Over the years I’ve been researching and perfecting practical applications based on the work of legendary trader WD Gann.
This book contains my best and simplest approach to accurately time the big moves in the speculative markets of Stock Indexes, Commodities and Forex.
The WD Gann Timing System presented in this course can be learnt in 20 minutes and you can start applying it right away.
The course guides you through all the relevant information in a step-by-step manner with plenty of examples.
This is a formula based system.

You do not need any previous astrological or Gann knowledge to trade this method. While it does incorporate one astrological phenomena there are no astrological patterns to master and there is no extra software to buy.

Let the charts speak…
The following charts show you graphically the difference between the Master Time Factor DVD method and The WD Gann Timing System.
Each formula is totally different and is designed to achieve specific results.
You can see right away that the Master Time Factor finds most of the swings and The WD Gann Timing System shows only the important swing points.
This allows a trader to not only trade the smaller moves (if they are using the Master Time Factor) but to know precisely when to expect a change in the larger trend by applying the WD Gann Timing System.

WD Gann Timing System on weekly Euro (click to enlarge)

WD Gann Timing System on Daily Euro  (click to enlarge)

Master Time Factor Dates (click to enlarge)

The WD Gann Timing System Table of Contents

Part One 
Designed to give you confidence in the validity of the core concept and examines 70 Gann forecasts and trades.
This factor is apparent in all of Ganns trades that he published.

Part Two
Shows how it is found at every major turning point in the U.S Stock market since 1921.

Part Three
Uses the Euro currency as a demonstration market and shows its application from when the Euro began trading. Includes all the weekly turns and 2 years of daily charts.
The WD Gann Timing System works on all markets that are heavily traded.

*Folio bound 160 pages.

*Please note that all books are heavily watermarked to prevent piracy.

The WD. Gann Timing System  – How To Time The Big Moves For Maximum Profit –


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Hi, Just received my “WD Gann´s Timing System” material today. To say I’m stunned is an understatement.

 After decades of essentially bumbling through the markets I found YOU. Bless You.

Charles B. (U.S.A.—Timing System)

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