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Last updated: 28th February 2019

~Price & Time Targets For Winning Traders~

WD Gann’s Best Trading Systems

Every system works for both day traders or swing traders
Works on any international market

WD Gann’s Best Trading Systems includes:

Price and Time targets combined
How to buy lows and sell highs consistently
Quick cash flow trades that you can make every day
Gann style Trading Campaign
Price target method for any time frame, from the 5 minute chart to the monthly

Each system can be considered a complete stand alone trading method.
They can also be combined with one or more of the other systems in the course to create a complete market structure that encompasses every situation that a professional trader will encounter.

Features the following systems:

How to buy Low – Sell High with small risk on any market
Swing or Day trading with price targets
Price Targets on any time frame
Cycle tables quick reference time cycles pre-calculated
Cycle tables combined with price targets
Market Mode – Trend identification
Pyramid effectively with small risk
The square of the high or low price for time targets (updated and improved version of WD Ganns original method)
Day traders profit take calculation for today’s markets.

Welcome to my site. Here you will find four products based on the work of WD Gann.

As Gann’s trading and research spanned over 50 years there was too much material to condense into one book.

The individual courses teach the practical application of WD Gann in the modern markets.

The methods apply to Forex, Stocks and Indexes, Commodities, in fact any actively traded market.

The courses are categorized as Day trading, Swing, and Long-Term Forecasting.

To use these courses you never have to buy any extra software.You do not need any previous knowledge of any Gann techniques as every course is self-contained and complete.The bulk of this material can be found nowhere else and its value has stood the test of time.

Myles Wilson-Walker Trading Courses

WD Gann’s Best Trading Systems

NEW!!!  I have organized the best Gann systems and modified them for today’s markets. Systems include, Gann style Trading Campaign, Price and Time targets combined.

W.D. Ganns Law Of Vibration & Forecasting Key

How The Annual Forecasts Were Made. For people who have wondered exactly how WD Gann made his Annual Forecasts a year ahead. WD Ganns explanation and application of the Law of Vibration.  

The WD Gann Timing System

How To Time The Big Moves For Maximum Profit. This is much longer term and only finds the biggest turning points as seen on weekly & monthly charts.

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