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Last updated: 1st October 2019

WD Gann's 7days

This is the final part of a trilogy of core Gann books that has spanned 20years.

In this last book W.D. Gann’s 7 Days you will learn the greatest Gann secrets of all.

Contents Include:

The Tunnel Thru the Air: A totally new perspective.

The Law of Vibration for traders.

All of Gann’s time cycles and how they are calculated.

Forecasting Blue Print.

How I use W.D. Gann’s forecasting methods:

An in-depth review of how I forecast the major S&P turning points for 18 months. The start point for this demonstration begins January 2018 where I sold 6 points from the high.

This is the successful application of Gann forecasting principles in today’s markets which are radically different from when W.D. Gann was trading.

The Forecasting Blue Print gives you absolute confidence in your trades.

PLUS W.D. Gann’s 7 Days contains a depth of extra material covering such topics as:

  1. Gann in the moon: The Lunar Systems.
  2. Cotton System from Tunnel Thru the Air.
  3. How the Master numbers are used.
  4. W.D. Gann’s methods are explained in simple terms.
  5. Gann’s price and time calculators: How to use them and when.
  6. W.D. Gann and astrology.

Book wdganns 7days cover

The Squares of 4 & 9. The conic and hexagon charts. The wheel of 24 and circle charts.
The correct price scaling for every market.

Learn how I forecast major high and lows for 14 years in advance. This contains the original published document and proof. These principles can be applied to all markets.

This important section demonstrates how I am able to take specific elements of W.D. Gann’s work and turn them into a quality blue print for accurate forecasting. This alone is worth much more the price of the course.

In this new work I have not included anything that I have published previously unless absolutely necessary.

In recent years more information concerning W.D. Gann has come to light.

W.D. Gann’s 7 Days is based on this new material.

*Please note that all books are heavily watermarked to prevent piracy.

Book wdganns 7days cover

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Welcome to my site. Here you will find four products based on the work of WD Gann.

As Gann’s trading and research spanned over 50 years there was too much material to condense into one book.

The individual courses teach the practical application of WD Gann in the modern markets.

The methods apply to Forex, Stocks and Indexes, Commodities, in fact any actively traded market.

The courses are categorized as Day trading, Swing, and Long-Term Forecasting.

To use these courses you never have to buy any extra software.You do not need any previous knowledge of any Gann techniques as every course is self-contained and complete.The bulk of this material can be found nowhere else and its value has stood the test of time.